Friday, November 04, 2005

Dining with the Uncultured

We were taken out to dinner tonight by the heads of the university. We went to the Collavini at the Paradise Hotel, and I had a STEAK!!!! A melt-in-your-mouth medium-rare sirloin in peppersauce with roasted garlic (like the pic, but not quite so big, unfortunately). Man, do I miss steak. (At about AUD$45 for a small one, though, it's not something I'm going to be treating myself to).
We also had two bottles of VERY nice AUSTRALIAN wine (one white, while we were waiting for our food, and one red, with our main course).
It was a very fancy restaurant. The four females were seated facing the window (so they could enjoy the view) and the four men. I had a great time. The food was fantastic, and it was nice to be enjoying something a little more classy than the cafeteria.

The evening was slightly dampened by the ever-foul attitude of Leah, and her offsider, Dylan, whom, in my opinion, she has had a poisionous effect on.

There are several things that you should and should not do when dining at a five star restaurant with the heads of your institution (in this case, the University) in a foreign country.

  1. dress nicely.

  2. when eating the bread, select it from the basket, place it on your side plate, rip small pieces off to dip in the olive oil/balsamic vinegar and eat the bread one piece at a time. Do not dip the entire hunk of bread in the oil/vinegar and bite pieces off. Do not scoff the entire basket of bread, no matter how hungry you may be.

  3. do not rest your elbows on the table.

  4. do not pass half-eaten plates of food down through the middle of the table to the other end for your friend to finish off.

  5. do not insult the most senior person there by making derogatory remarks about their country when they are trying to engage you in conversation.

  6. do not lean over your plate and shovel your food in. Sit up at least fairly straight, hold your knife and fork correctly, and every now and then (at least), put your cutlery down in between mouthfulls.

  7. do not leave the table enmass (in your little troupe/enterage) and disappear for an extended length of time. (However, leaving in pairs to go to the bathroom IS, as always, acceptable for females).

  8. when asked by the most senior person how you like your food, do not reply "yeah, how's your cow?", no matter how much of an ardent vegetarian bitch you may be.

Captain Steak & Etiquette, abandoning Chopsticks for an evening, and being annoyed and offended by other's blatant lack of culturedness.


hopejnr said...

Thanx I've learnt something from this interesting tale that you tell so well.

Reminds me of the time I put the knife in my mouth instead of the fork.
Author of Blog novel, A Maasai Murder

Ang said...

hehehe. Thanks for commenting. Not enough bloggers do.