Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rain and Bird Flu

It's raining. I hate the rain here. Well, actually, I hate rain anywhere. Unless I can be inside snuggled up on the couch with a good movie and a mug of coffee.... But instead I have to go out.
I have a class at three, and prior to that I have to go to the clinic here on campus. I've come down with an ear infection, so am going to get antibiotics. The good thing about this uni is that medical treatment (at least, any prescription drugs or other simple treatment you would expect from a clinic) is free.
I also have to take Sera to the clinic. She's come down with the flu. She's been paranoid for a while about Bird Flu, and even stopped eating toasted sandwiches from Mr TozToz that had egg in them. I took her yesterday to get meds, but they only give you enough for one or two days at a time. So I'm taking her back there, and if she doesn't start to get better soon, she'll have to go to the hospital for blood tests. The bad thing about Bird Flu is that it looks like an ordinary flu (headache, fever, etc), until it turns into pneumonia, and at that stage, you're as good as dead in three days. So - not nice. Some people would say being paranoid about Bird Flu is over-reacting (as paranoia often is), but I think it's a real threat here. Although the risk of catching it here in Korea is not as high as in China, there is still a risk and there a stacks of people walking around with masks on.

I think I may stop eating the sandwiches with egg in them as well.... I'll just have to have plain ham and cheese.

Captain Chopsticks; aka Onnie with Bird Flu (who doesn't actually have bird flu: don't worry)

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