Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It Could've Used Ninjas, But The Stack Was Pretty Good

For our Korean Culture class today we played a few traditional Korean games (although how traditional a hacky sack with streamers poking out of it is, I don't know) and watched a film about the Queen's 60th birthday ceremony (back in the 1400's, or something. Back when there were dynasties). While not actually filmed in slow motion, the actors did their best to make it appear so. The 'director' gave directions which were actually audible (ie: King J, now you offer a cup of tea to Her Majesty) and then followed (slowly and excruitiatingly deliberately).
Accompainied by piercingly screechy instruments and vocals, much of the birthday party involved complex bowing by her son the King who was throwing the bash for his mum. He would just return to his seat after giving his mum the tea, when the director would tell him to get up again and bow (eg: King J will now perform the mamama for Her Majesty). A lot of it also revolved around doing speaches, chants and very slow dancing to promote the youthfulness and longevity of life of the Queen; I think it would have done her better to go and take a walk outside. It would certainly have improved my health to get out instead of sitting watching it.
I kept waiting for them to poison the old woman - maybe in her tea. When her son took a sip before giving it to her (presumably to prove that it wasn't poisoned) and had a small smirk on his face, I expected him to start chuckling, leap up and yell "iocane powder!!" Or maybe ninjas would come out and assasinate her and her son (whom she never thanked for her birthday bash, the ingrate).
But, alas. No such plot ensued. At one stage the King stacked it, though! That was the most exciting part; a regular action sequence compared to the rest of it.

This has been another film critique by
Captain Chopsticks

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