Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm a Published Character

Being unable to sleep has some advantages, I suppose.
At the moment it is about 4am. I was scrolling around through my bookmarked pages and came across Lochy's webpage. I started to read the short stories. Some of them, like Gossip, I have read before, but most I had not. I was delightfully surprised to come across my name in one of them - Character.
Now, what is interesting is that
  1. It appears to be written about a month before I actually did hold a dinner party.
  2. I actually did serve a tomato-based stew thing.
  3. My meal had capsicum, mushroom and tomato in it (but not stuffed capsicum, which was making my mouth water while I read Lochy's description of it).
A lot of it was strangely familiar, but I suppose most of the dinner parties in our circle of friends have a certain similarity. I miss them.

Anyway, I thought all of his stuff worth reading. I haven't gotten to the novels yet, but I've gone through the short stories ( I really liked Schoolyard Justice, as well as the scripts (expect for The Avengers), and the intro for The B Team.

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Fernby said...

i liked Schoolyard Justice as well, and have also been considering this as the next project I film.... well, alongside the assassin piece. WHat do you think?

Ang said...

definitely!! I read the assassin one as well. He has a lot of good stuff.