Monday, October 31, 2005

Duties of a Foreign Exchange Student

A promotional video is being filmed of Pukyong University. As the main attraction, we, the Australian Exchange Students, had to take part in promoting the University's emphasis on English. Thus, we were asked to be at the English Cafe at 5pm to take part in the EC scene. So we sat around while the crew did their thing with lights and screens and camera tracks. Then we held repetetive, fake, conversations (in English) in small groups (two Koreans to each Australian) while they shot about 25 re-takes of one girl walking in and sitting down at a table.
After being the token Australian 'extras' in the background having the said conversations with the token Korean 'extras', we sat around for a while while they moved lights and screens and camera tracks, then my back had a starring role; being in a group pretending to watch CNN and a video on the EC TV.
Then we sat around again, while they did some more takes of the star (a Korean chick, which the promo film apparently revolves around. From what I could gather, the promo is basically her giving a kind of tour around the uni and saying how wonderful it is and how many friends she has) and an interview with one of the English lecturers.
An hour later (7:10pm), not having been in any more shots and not having been needed in any capacity, we were told we could leave.
At that stage I was so hungry I was feeling sick. The last thing I'd had to eat had been one pizza toast for lunch at 11am.
Thankfully, we went to Jiran's office (our guidance councellor) as previously arranged, and she ordered in REAL PIZZA from Pizza Hut!!! We don't have pizza very often. It is a luxury. It is one of the most expensive foods you can get in Korea. It was SO nice!!!

I am now satisfyingly full, after only two pieces (albeit large pieces) of pizza. I remember polishing off an entire Australian Pizza House pizza with Em one night before I left Aust....

Anyway, we've done something similar in the first few weeks we were here. Only that time it was filmed during the day and we got out of class for it. It also did not take 2 hours, and we actually had 'real' parts. They put up the video and photos on the Uni website, but I haven't been able to access them yet. When I do, I'll pass on the link so you can all see me in my early Pukyong days.

Catch ya later,

Captain Chopsticks,
extra extraordinaire


Queen of the Squirrels said...

That was a damn fine (and big!!) pizza, too. AND we went through a 2L bottle of coke as well. Man, we were such guts! Mmm... Pizza...

We'll have to go crazy at Aus Pizza House when you get back, yeah?

Ang said...

Damn right we will!!!