Friday, September 16, 2005

Arrr, It Be Pirate Day

With much thanks t' me matey Jimmy for the fine piece o' news that all buccanneers, corsairs, 'n' the like need be a-hearin'.
It be Talk Like A Pirate Day, arrr!!! on the 19th day o' this 'ere fine month.
Shiver me timbers, oi be creating me Pirate Self, with me grog o' beer 'n' soju, when oi be hearing this news, but, alas, oi not be able t' show it t' yar, arrrr!!
Me hearty, Cap'n Em (an' she go by many a name) of the great grand ship Antique Song be likin' this 'ere news as much as oi, t' be sure!!

Cap'n Chopsticks, the Lone Corsair of PKNU. Or 'Ensign Captain Chopsticks the Powerfully Funny' Arrrr!!!!


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