Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today's Accomplishments

I'm supposed to be thinking about what to write in my "diary" to 50+ people about going to Korea. I'm having trouble getting into it. It's harder to write in html and put on my geocities page than it is to write in my blog. Also, my writing style might be different from the blog (because of the number and range of reciptients).

Anyway, on to what has happened today....
I'm not as stressed as I was last night, but last night I was doing my tax return, so that wasn't helping, and I've just taken a "happy" pill when I got home - two things that would account for my current stability of mood.

AND.... I've sent my visa application off!!! After who knows how many hassles and delays, it is in the post, probably on a plane to Canberra as we speak.

Today was my last day of work. There weren't any tears, but almost. I'll miss my workmates a lot. But I guess life moves on.

My main accomplishment has been moving the bag I took away to Tinty. I mentioned it in a previous blog. Yes, I've moved it!! Haven't unpacked it, in fact, I've chucked more stuff in there and chucked it on my bedroom floor (as if my floor needs anything else on it). Here's a pic of my room. (It's not always like that, honest. Sometimes it's worse. HA HA HA. Naaaah, usually it's a lot neater). You can see my Tinty bag to the right of the photo, leaning on the stool. I had to move it out of the hallway when I had Andrew's girlfriend staying over. Also, for those of you who are interested, my James Rabbit is that blue and white thing up on my pillow.

The other thing that I've done that has alleviated stress is to start packing. The people I'm house-sitting for are coming back THIS friday instead of NEXT friday. So since I've gotten home from work (and posting my visa application) I've been packing. The worst part is all the paperwork and uni stuff I have lying around. How to organise it all?? Solution: put everything I don't need in the next few days and months in a plastic bag and put it in a box with my uni books.
PLUS I've been listening to my favourite mix (with 'shuffle' turned on) on my computer. Crank it up and sing along!

Let's see... Oh yeah!! I also bought a camera today, so have been playing with that a little. Took the above photo on it.

Well, should go and rescue the fish I'm having for dinner out of the microwave where it has been defrosting.

signing out
lately stressed out of her mind but at the moment belting out Jewel songs

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