Friday, August 19, 2005

There Comes A Time In Every Girl's Life.....

And that times has come for me. Yes, folks, it is time to pack up my speakers (which doesn't necessarily mean that the music stops, I just listen to it through my computer speakers instead of external speakers). Since writing the previous post (at around 7pm) , I have
  • cleaned (dusted, vacuumed, done the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, swept, mopped),
  • packed (kitchen stuff, candles, winter clothes that I am not taking to Korea.... and shoved the papers that were scattered across the dining room table into a plasitc bag to sort out later),
  • watched Alias,
  • drunk a cup of peppermint tea,
  • done two sudokus (which have replaced mahjong in my life),
  • and more packing.
Therefore, the time has now come to pack my speakers away and go to bed. I will move everything that is packed ready for storage to mum and dad's in the morning before my chiro appointment, and before the owners of the house get back.

signing out,
quite tired (it is now 3:30am); too exhausted to be hungry or to give a stuff about contentment or excitement.

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