Friday, August 05, 2005

Rules of Residency

While in Korea, I will be living in the University Dorms. Here are some of the rules of conduct I will be required to adhere to.
  1. prohibition of gambling and physical assault after drinking (I guess it's O.K. if you're sober).

  2. no wearing of slippers outside the dorm ( :-( I guess that means uggies, too).

  3. inhibition of bad-manners

  4. use of the electric heater (why have one if there is a rule against it's use?).

  • You will be expelled or receive demerit points if you engage in:
  1. collective actions irrelevant to dorm life or bringing about disturbance or riot (there go my weekend plans).

  2. gambling and physical assault with drunkeness (again).

  3. letting another person stay in the bedroom (no sleep-overs).

  4. cooking in the bedrooms.

  5. taking another person along and offering foods (not sure exactly what this means. Combined with no. 3, I'd guess you are not allowed to seduce anyone, especially with food).

  6. ignoring roll call and failing to keep a tidy room (yes, it's a bit like the military).

Signing out,
(purveyor, exterminator and keeper of squirrels; listener of BNL; learner of Korean).

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