Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Yesterday, I started to get the house organised so that I could start getting ready to pack in preparation of going to Korea. This "organisation" mostley consisted of playing great music fairly loudly so I could hear it while I raked leaves outside, having "happy thoughts" while looking at my flight itinery with the word "confirmed" on it, looking at my pile of ironing (with not such happy thoughts), and dancing around the house while I sort-of-kind-of pretended to organise the Uni papers that cover the dining room table. My main accomplishment? I did draw up a calender and colour coordinated everything I have to do and have on before I leave (Wednesday Movie Nites are in orange with blue stars, in case you were interested).
Considering that the bag I took away to Tinty almost a month ago is still sitting exactly where I dropped it in the hallway when I walked in the door when I got home (don't worry, I did the washing, but there is still a jumper in there that I didn't wear), I'm thinking maybe I need to do a little more in the "organisation and packing" department.
Which is why I'm writing a blog about it.

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Rodney T said...

i think the bag i took to tiny is also sitting where i left it all those weeks ago. Don't feel to dispirited about it.