Friday, August 26, 2005

The Night Before

This will officially be my last post from Australia (at least until after Christmas). Very weird.
This week has been absolutely insane. I feel like I am in a dream... or a movie. Besides doing all the last minute organisation stuff, I have spent most of the last few days catching up with people and saying goodbye. To some people, like Pauline and Christy (Hi, Christy!) it is not just for four months, so that was a little hard. I am not a good one for goodbyes.
Wednesday night was my very last ever Pad Night. It felt a little surreal, but that may be because I'd only had 4 hours of sleep Tues night. I was absolutely buggered (physically and emotionally), as some of you may have noticed. nice bike ride, though!!
I spent tonight with Deb, one of my best friends. We each ate 1 1/2 chocolate donuts (our personal anti-depressive favourite. Always from the small bakery at Ingle Farm), and a sticky cinnamon scroll (from Baker's Delight on The Parade - they make the best ones. Believe me. I've tried them from a few different places) heated in the microwave for 8 seconds (which is now tied for first place along with the donut). We usually limit ourselves to one choc donut (and a cigarette), but tonight was not usual. Besides, I only discovered the SCS over the weekend, and Deb wanted me to prove that it was as good as the donut. It was almost cheating on her (and the donut), if not sacriledge, to compare the two, but she is now a convert to the Order of the SCS. Unless under dire circumstances, members of the Order are not allowed to eat of the IFD or SCS in the absence of the presence of the other member, so this has to last us for four months. (But I'll forgive you, Deb, if you have a lapse).

I have spent the later part of tonight re-packing. I found out (by checking my own geocities page that the temp in Busan at the moment is up to 30 degrees (celcius). So have had to pack a few things for warmer temps that I had originally planned on.

Well, I have to get up at about 4:30, so had better sign off here.

Founding Member of the OIFDSCS, Co-President of FHA (aka FUBM).


Queen of the Squirrels said...

Hey Ang, you'll be glad to know that I've found a dress pattern that's just about identical to that caramel dress I triend on at Jenny and Gerry's. Richard's mum and I are making it in calico on monday, then if that works we'll make it properly.

Fernby said...

Could somebody explain ODSCS and the even stranger FHA (FUBM) please? Those of us not in this mysterious order dont understand....