Thursday, July 07, 2005

The End Of Winter

I wish!! No, it's just the end of the winter subject I was taking this week ~ "Intro to Sports Injuries". Quite good really (and I seem to have a compulsion to use the word quite when describing something lately). I am in the middle of writing a HTML page about this week, which I will finish upon returning from my weekeend away where I will be acting as co-camera woman.
Briefly: I learnt how to do sports massage and how to tape an ankle and a thumb. I also saw many funny pictures and video clips of people hurting themselves (mostly having appendages bent at odd angles from blunt force trauma) which I will include in my HTML page. I have just sat through what must have been one of the longest days of my life. We had group presentations - 10 groups, half an hour each..... Zzzzzzz......
But more about the winter subject later on my as-yet-unfinished HTML page.

Needless to say (at least I hope you know me well enough for it to be needless), I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to this weekend!!

Tonight: I am packing, and tending to my poor house that has been neglected for the past week. Honestly, sitting in a lecture theatre for almost 8 hours a day for four days in a row leaves you with no energy to attend to things as trivial as dishes and tidying at home afterwards. (Although, now I just have alot of tidying and sorting out to do. I just spent 8 minutes searching for my gloves in my 'room' (that is, it has a floor and a bed somewhere under the clothes and doonas) and they ended up being in the bottom of the laundry basket (which is in the lounge room) under washed but un-folded and un-ironed clothes. I have no idea how they got in there. I found them while sorting out socks.) Plus, I have been out every night since sometime last week.

Well, obviously at the moment I am doing none of the needed mentioned above. I am listening to Wonderwall by Oasis and blogging. I shall continue to listen to Oasis but I must go, eat dinner, pack, make a list of what needs to be done tomorrow, drop off a battery to Rodney, return pots to mum (don't ask), catch up on emails, do dishes (actually, I have to do that before returning the pots....), will most likely fiddle around on iTunes (listen to The Pirate Song again!!), and hopefully get a good nights sleep (I will put my phone on silent 'cos I will be a grumpy little pirate if some idjit wakes me up with a phone call/sms and I don't make up some sleep from the last few nights).

Well, dad just called. Mum is working, so I'm going over there to keep him company for dinner. He's cooking pork chops.

Signing off as a pretty-much-braindead-but-getting-excited Woman Pirate Angela.

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