Monday, July 18, 2005

The Drum

I occasionally read PNG's national newspaper THE POST COURIER online, particularly a section named 'The Drum', a miscellaneous 'comment' section which shows PNG at it's finest. Here are excerpts from today I had to laugh at.
  • CUSTOMER service at its best? Harassed airline official was the epitome of good service and patience as he endured a haranguing from an irate passenger trying to get on a flight to Goroka. Once the unhappy passenger was dispatched, a following passenger complimented the officer on his control under fire. Laughter all round when he replied: “He’s going to Goroka but his bags have gone to Rabaul!’’ Ouch!
  • TOUGH regime at the “royal’’ Port Moresby golf course. A notice warns that the practice green is for members only. Non-members using the turf there will have their balls removed, it says! And non-members of the female variety?

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rodney T said...

Non male members will have to play in the rough.