Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ahh, Sundays

Well, it's one of those of those wonderful days.
When you have the time and nothing better to do than to play Mahjong Solitaire on the net, in front of the fire, still in my PJ's, drinking coffee, nibling on pistachios, blogging, and listening to what must be one of the most beautiful soundtracks from one of the greatest movies ever made ~ Braveheart. If you have not heard it, go right now and get it, that is, if you have any depth to your instrumental music appreciation.
I am currently listening to a most gorgeous track ~ For The Love Of A Princess. Not only is the music just incredibly emotional, it really brings back the feeling and images of the movie, even though I havn't seen it in years.
I remember when it came out (back in high school) that our hostel was one of the only households in Ukarumpa that would show it because of its level of violence. We were almost ostracised. Seriously. I mean, this is Ukarumpa we are talking about, where certain groups of people felt that anything even remotely related to the "the depravity and corruption of evil society" (such as smoking, drinking, movies with more than a PG rating, and (heaven forbid) dancing; ie: the "real world") was held to be a terrible and corruptible influence over the inhabitants of that Christian community.
Can you tell our hostel was considred pretty rebellious? We held dance parties (**gasp, shock, horror**) and Braveheart was our hostel's "theme movie" for a while. Over the course of about a month, we had almost the entire high school over to watch it. We also lent it out to quite a few others who were able to settle it with their conscience that watching it would not condemn them to hell. (O.K. Sorry. Will try to limit the sarcasm and cynicism).
Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, the soundtrack (which is actually finished, now. Hold on a sec while I start it again....) Ahhhh. So beautiful.
Well, that's all I have to say for now. Back to Mahjong.... Actually, I think I prefer to play it on grab.... Maybe....

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