Tuesday, June 21, 2005

to keep the fans happy

Since i've been asked, here's a poem. not one of my best, mind you, but short.
I'm getting my geocities homepage up and running at the moment, and i'll put more of my poetry and other more permanent stuff on there - stuff that i can't post on here without it getting lost in archives in a few weeks.

this poem was written a few months back after someone commented that i wrote depressing poetry. so i tried to pick an airy fairy topic (flowers) and write an airy fairy poem. started off light and full of airiness. don't think it worked. I was feeling pretty cynical.

An ATTEMPT at ’Happy’ Poetry
For Debbie, who was with me when i wrote it,
and for others, who thought my poetry depressing


Flowers remind me of fragrance.
Fragrance reminds me of bees.
Bees remind me of stings.
Stings remind me of love, love reminds me of passion.
Love and Passion.
As fleeting and fragile as a flower’s fragrance?

1 comment:

RODDERS said...

hmm. finally, a poem. A nice poem. A really sweet, smiley poem.
I liked it.
He he he. I feel like a fairy. A bright, happy, fairy. Notice i did not use the word "gay".