Monday, June 27, 2005

The Pedometer and Other Penguins

She Shoots!! She Scores!!! I am not the muscle-less non-excercising shlob that I thought I was!! It is official! Angela has crushed the 10,000 steps mark (O.K. maybe not 'crushed'. 'stepped across' might be more appropriate) with a tally of 10,214 steps for the day!!
Admitedly, it has been a slightly-more-excersising-than-usual day.
I met a friend in Nth Adl after work and walked into town, walked around town, and then back to Nth Adl.
So much fun. We went homewares shopping. Who doesn't need a pestle and mortar, and shot glasses? Mmmm....the goodness of Spotlight Sales. One topic of our conversation I thought worthy of blogging, so here is my abridged version of

Mmmmm....Donuts. Is There Anything They Can't Do?
Contribute to World Peace.Take my car in for its service.
Aid in combatting depression.Take my car in for its service.
Stop a runaway monorail. I'm out of ideas. Did I mention that my car needs to go in for its service?

Well, I hope that table works. It just took a bloody lot of messing around with. Why I bothered, I really don't know.

anyway, I'm going to bed.
G'night all (not that anyone is reading my blog...'cept maybe a few of my alternate personalities.....)

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