Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Bloody Pedometer, a 'God-act', a Pirate, Dinner, and a Movie

The pedometer broke. Stupid piece of cheap-ass crap. When I realised that the numbers were not ticking over, I did what any sane and resonable person would do - knock it about and throw it down (on carpet. Well, I didn't want to completly smash it, did I? the battery might just be flat.) The knocking and throwing (and pulling it apart) did not really help. On reflection, I think the battery might indeed be the problem....
I was pretty ticked off about that (I swear, it was asshole day. I reached this conclusion while waiting for the bus heading into town. Two 'special' (read: 'asshole') buses came by while I was waiting. I voiced my vehement opinion about the day out loud, thinking I was alone. I was not. The person on the bench behind the tree looked slightly tentative (read: concerned, afraid and about to dial Glenside) to be in such close proximity to me and the prospect of being about to board the same bus. Oh well, she'll get over it.)
Anywho... The pedometer. It was one of those days when I walk from one end of town to the other (from Koorong to Target, with detours, to be exact), so I was guaranteed to cross my 10,000 steps mark.
So, my first stop - Koorong. After the stupid and slow (read: another asshole) bus finally got into town, I browsed around one of my favororite 'browse around' stores. I actually went looking for a little Bible. One that I could fit in my bag with room left for a water bottle, to take to homegroup and the like. Couldn't really find anything, though, and preferred to wander about than accept the 'Bible section' clerk's offer of help. So I wandered around and about in other parts of the store (found a book for 98cents - before discount!!) and when the same clerk came upon me still browsing maybe an hour later, seemed to decide that he would make it his mission in life to find me the bible I was after. So I followed him back to the Bible section, described what I was after, said the one he offered was a bit over my price range, followed him again a short distance, watched him sift through a stack of books till he found one he said he had remembered being priced 'wrongly', smiled and accepted it when the price tag was indeed much less than the other same Bibles, and listened politely while he told me that it was 'meant to be' that I should have that Bible and went on to tell me another story of a 'meant to be' matching of a book to a customer. Left Koorong quite satisfied (and thinking the day not so assholeish afterall).
Next stop, one of the detours. Bought speakers, as the ones I have I borrowed some weeks ago from dad 'just for today'. Had quite another interesting encounter with a clerk. Managed to work "Arrr, I be a woman-pirate!!" into the conversation, and it was even in context (he brought up the topic by commenting on another customer). You don't get to do THAT everyday!!
Now, as a sideline, my official pirate status is yet undetermind. But, I BE a woman-pirate and ye be best to say the same. Arrrr!!

Emma had said Lincraft had some good stuff on sale, so I passed through. Didn't find anything, except became distracted for a time by their range of wool. Mmmmm...knitting potential!! Around about this time was when I discovered my bloomin' pedometer was on hiatus. Put it in my bag (the throwing and knocking came later back at home).
Went on to Target, but they didn't have what I was looking for (they don't deserve a link).

So, then, I
- went home (throwing and knocking commensed)
went over to mum and dad's to get some potatoes for dinner
- put snags into fridge to thaw
- mucked around on blogs, geocities, email and other internet distractions
- let Emma in the door
- cooked dinner (snags, rolls with poppy seeds (mmmm...the blueness) steamed carrots, and some good but I could have done better given more butter and cream mash) while Emma mucked around on her blog, geocities, email and other internet distractions and made an iTunes
mix for dinner music.
After we ate, it was off to the Pad for our regular Wednesday Night At The Cinema. This time, no horror (although I bet Emma on the way there that Rodney would say 'Guess what? we're watching Saw, again!' or something of the like just to see our reactions. I lost). (BTW, don't go to that link if you are easily freaked. Just finding it made my heart start to beat faster - see my previous bolg for more on this).
It was Elektra. There is really nothing to say about it, except 'brains not needed'. Apart from some....well, I'm not really sure....stunts? No. Action and cool moves? Nuh. CG? Huh! Plot? NO. It was pretty ordinary, to say the least. Hey, I'm not offending Rodney (the movie chooser), he thought the same!!
The night did have a highlight, though - old Looney Tunes classics!!!! I would go on to write about the fabulous hilarity of these, but Emma said she would do it, so try her blog.

Well, dearests, it's off to sleep for me.

~Angela - A woman-pirate I be or I'll 'ave your head - Arrrr!!!.


Rodney said...

i would like to say, as clarification, that i thought Elektra was a decent enough spectacle if you have no brain whatsoever. if you have even the most marginal of intelligence, then Elektra is a mind bogglingly dire piece of celluloid wastage, beaten only perhaps by the life alteringly stupid XXX with Vin Deisel. Thats my two cents.

Queen of the Squirrels said...


I think my brain's still bleeding.

Ang said...

sorry, Rodney. It was 2 am. I couldn't quote anybody (including myself) word for word at that time of morning! :)